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2020 Quilt Project Update

The Marshall Gold Discovery SHP community quilt project is well underway and headed toward the finish line! Twenty five volunteers and/or staff created and submitted a quilt square to be included in this work of art. Many of the participants were first time quilters, and some have become quilting enthusiasts!

Since the last issue of The Flakes, a dedicated group of staff and volunteers met to determine how the squares should be arranged into a cohesive quilt and then spent time piecing the squares together to achieve that end. Thank you to Holly Thane, Dolores Zombory, Cynthia Flewelling, Jill Jones, Jerrie Beard and Joanne Allen for all the extra hours to make this happen.

Recently Holly, Jerrie and Joanne pieced together the final border and Joanne will be putting it all togehter with the batting and backing for the final quilting.

Look for this community quilt in the museum in coming months, and get your opportunity drawing tickets. All proceeds go to the Gold Discovery Park Association. The quilt will be given away a the end of next year. Stay tuned for the winner of the 2020 quilt.

Top right: Jerrie Beard and Holly Thane display the quilt top. Each square was created by a different volunteer or employee of the park.

Bottom right: Joanne Allen works at piecing the various quilt squares.

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