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James W. Marshall discovered gold in 1848 on the South Fork of the American River in the valley the Nisenan Indians knew as Cullumah (beautiful valley). This event led to the greatest mass migration of people in the Western Hemisphere and was the spark that ignited the spectacular growth of the West during the ensuing decades. 

In 1848, James W. Marshall found shining flecks of gold in the tailrace of the sawmill he was building in partnership with John Sutter. This discovery changed the course of California's and the nation's history. See a replica of the original sawmill and over 20 historic buildings including a mining exhibit, Chinese store exhibits and schoolhouse exhibit.

Visitors have the opportunity to pan for gold in the American River and enjoy hikes and picnics under the riparian oak woodlands. 


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We are always looking for new volunteers eager to bring history alive in our park. We have so many different opportunities and areas that we can use volunteer help... [READ MORE]

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