Park Rules and Regulations

Please insure that your students, teachers, and chaperons are familiar with the rules and regulations at Marshall Gold Discovery SHP.

  • Please stay on established trails and pathways to avoid poison oak, ticks, and creating erosion problems.

  • Please do not pick flowers, leaves or plants, or remove rocks or artifacts.

  • Do not disturb plants, animals or historic objects.

  • Always use the crosswalks and cross in groups. Watch for cars when crossing Highway 49!

  • The Indian Grinding rock is special to the Native Americans. We want to treat it with respect by not playing, climbing or eating on it.

  • Please make sure all litter is picked up and put into the trash cans located around the park.

  • No horseplay or running inside any building or near exhibits.

  • Climbing on exhibits, fences, trees, wagons and monuments is not allowed.

  • Students are not to enter the restrooms unless under adult supervision.

  • Please appoint a restroom monitor to accompany students.

  • Children will not be allowed into the Museum without an adult.

  • Please use quiet voices while inside the Museum or other structures.

  • No food, gum, candy, or drinks are allowed inside historic buildings and exhibits.

  • Do not touch exhibits unless they are specifically labeled to do so.

  • Do not climb the rocks in the Museum diorama or touch the plants or mannequins. Please assign a monitor to each group for this task!


Mike Judd (President)

Bill Bennett (Secretary)
Gale Nored (Treasurer)

Dennis Amaral

Brenda Carroll

Dick Williams

Judy Bryant


Non Officers:
Maureen Brown (Operations Manager)

Gold Discovery Park Association
P.O. Box 461
Coloma, CA 95613


General Questions

(530) 622-3470

Gold Discovery Park Association

(530) 622-6198 

Marshall Gold Mercantile
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