Save the Emmanuel

The Gold Discovery Park Association is spearheading a fundraising effort to raise money to restore the Emmanuel Church. 


The historic Emmanuel Church located in Marshall Gold Discovery SHP is in dire need of restoration. It was built in 1855 and is the first Episcopal Church built in California.

This Church has been closed to visitors and weddings since 2015 because of dangerous building conditions. At that time, a building assessment placed the restoration cost at $2.3 million.

On November 30, 2018, one of the spires on the bell tower of the church was ripped off during a storm.

Act now to save this vital piece of California history before it slips away. READ MORE

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We are always looking for new volunteers eager to bring history alive in our park. We have so many different opportunities and areas that we can use volunteer help... [READ MORE]


Dennis Amaral (President)
Bill Bennett (Secretary)
Gale Nored (Treasurer)

Brenda Carroll

Dick Williams

Mike Judd

Judy Bryant


Non Officers:
Maureen Brown (Operations Manager)

Gold Discovery Park Association
P.O. Box 461
Coloma, CA 95613


General Questions

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