New Flagpole at the Post Office

A small, non-descript white building sits along Highway 49 nestled between the Monroe House and the Argonaut Cafe in the middle of Marshall Gold Discovery SHP. The bright blue mailbox out front provides a clue as to the business that is transacted within. And, now a beautiful new flagpole flies the stars and stripes over the building, which has housed the Coloma branch of the U.S. Post Office since 1949.

In November 1849, John T. Little was appointed, against his wishes, as the first postmaster of Coloma.... READ MORE>>

Managing Cultural and Natural Resources During Fire Season

Each year we hold our collective breath as fire season approaches. We listen for the wail of sirens, watch the horizon for plumes of smoke and search the scanners for word of local conflagrations. And every year that we are fortunate enough to emerge from fire season unscathed we thank our lucky stars.

Over the past few months, the interpretive and law enforcement staffs at Marshall Gold Discovery SHP have been diligently working on and updating a fire emergency plan for the park. The importance of having this plan really hit home on August 19 when we learned that the CZU Lightning Complex Fire had blazed through the Santa Cruz Mountains destroying much of Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

But, having a plan in place and actually executing it can be two divergent processes... READ MORE>>


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Non Officers:
Maureen Brown (Operations Manager)

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