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Saturday, September 30

Interpretive Training: Developing Scenarios for Gold Rush Live

10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Join us as we prepare for the big event just two weeks away! Brainstorm with fellow tent town inhabitants on how you can interact during the event to dazzle and amaze our visitors. We're just looking for quick interactions - 5 minutes at most - that might have occurred between residents of Coloma in 1850. Some ideas include:

A dispute over a claim

A miner fresh from the hills begs for fresh baked bread from the hotel or bakery

Woman comes into town looking for her lost husband last heard of in Coloma

Miner takes gold to assay office only to find out it is fools gold

Disgruntled customer accuses gold grease salesman of fraud

Miner visits carpenter to order a rocker box

Chicken goes missing, owner scours town looking for it

Let your imaginations go wild. Think about how your character would interact with other people in town.

Monday, October 2: Starching Petticoats

10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Ladies, join us as we starch those wonderful corded petticoats you made last winter. This will help give you the right look and sound as you swish through town. Please bring your washed petticoats to the Weller House where we will have a large pot of starch cooking. Make sure your petticoat is damp when you bring it. The starching process works better with a damp petticoat. Bring a plastic bag or other container to take your wet, starched petticoat home for drying.

Saturday, October 7: Wedding Host Needed

There will be a wedding at St. John's on Saturday, October 7. We need a host to monitor the wedding from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. You will need to be there the entire time while the wedding party decorates, has the wedding, and removes the decorations. You job is only to make sure they follow the rules of the church, not to help with any of these activities. This can be done in costume or in street clothes. If interested, please contact Jerrie Beard at 530.622.1048 or

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