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Interpretation Class at FLC

Folsom Lake College is offering a class covering the basics of interpreting historical, cultural and natural resources during the spring semester. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your interpretive skills!

Class registration begins this month. Click here for registration information.

HIST 392 Principles of Heritage Interpretation 3 Units

Same As: ANTH 392 and BIOL 392 Prerequisite: None. Course Transferable to CSU Hours: 54 hours LEC Description: This interdisciplinary course covers the basics of interpreting historical, cultural, and natural resources to the general public. Interpretation is a communication process that forges emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of the audience and the inherent meanings of the resource. Topics include developing an interpretive program using a thematic approach and learning program delivery techniques. Completion of this course will qualify students to apply for professional certification through the National Association for Interpretation as a Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG). This course is recommended for students interested in history, biology, anthropology, recreation, education, and communication. Not open to students who have received credit for Biology 392 or Anthropology 392. This course requires field trips.

Schedule: Full Term, Jan 13-May 16 M 06:00PM-09:05PM LEC D.Moreno FLC MAIN FL1 206 19640 Textbook M 06:00PM-09:05PM LEC A.Cahoon FLC MAIN FL1 206 19640 Textbook

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